1. congragulation:

    "you were named after the bravest man i ever knew, harry potter, jr."

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  2. slavocracy:

    disney princess movie starring lana del rey where she sings to nature like other disney princesses but everything around her wilts and dies

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  4. danceonfox:

    Zack & Aaron (Tap)

  7. fluffy-tails:

    Ella the Bunny by Jamie Denton

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  8. dom-wolfy:

    Sometimes you just need a little bun to help cheer you up.

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  9. the-foxandthe-bodhi:


    Body Art by Gesine Marwedel, Germain artist.

    This is one of the most incredible works I’ve seen!

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    1. horoscope: you breathe on a daily basis
    2. me: omg that is so me how did they do that